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Kinda cute lol

Posted 2 years ago

ohhhyeahhh, mike will spot you real good. lmao

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Posted 2 years ago

it’s been quite a while

since i’ve

  • taken a moment to relax
  • worried about just me
  • thought clearly
  • made decisions
  • had a positive attitude
  • looked at myself in the mirror and smiled
  • accomplished something i’m proud of

yeahhh, it’s been some time since i’ve been in the right mindset.  time to reestablish..
because i know i can, and i’m confident that i will.

Posted 2 years ago

dreading tomorrow..

but i have to get it over with sooner or later. might as well be sooner..


Posted 2 years ago

so much to do

just don’t know where to start.

after my coffee binge craze and staying awake for three days straight last week it’s almost impossible for me to get anything done without a pick me up. ughh, they were right when they said withdrawals would involve me having no ability to prioritize my life. 

the semester is almost over so hopefully i can push thru these last couple of days.  just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

besides, i always manage to take care of shit.. one way or another, i get it done.

Posted 2 years ago

damn, so i just pulled an all nighter after i worked out twice today..

i’m dumb af!

i can actually feel my leg muscles growing more and more sore as the muscle fibers break down from exhaustion and fatigue.

but it’s all just another day in the life, just tryna be successful and sometimes there’s no time for sleep.

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scrubs make me laugh

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seems like it was so long ago, but those emotions are even more vivid now. there’s no better feeling in the world than standing up on that podium with the the national anthem of the United States of America playing in the background as tears fall down your cheeks.

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i can’t help but laugh every time i see Tim!

he’s come so far from that goofy fly weight who made every single team back in the day. i’m so proud of him! keep working on your checks, motions, and combos, lol stay repping for us taekwondo athletes.